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How we can work together

Here's what we do and how we deliver value to the relationship.

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Marcus John

Investment Consulting

Enhance your investment portfolio with expert guidance and exclusive deal opportunities

We offer investment managers and analysts expert overviews and analysis of investment options. In a fast growth industry, it pays to have an advisor with sector expertise across global markets. Our results and return-orientated approach means we can provide advice and access to valuable deals and opportunities and make sense of them.

Corporate Development & Market Expansion

Drive growth through strategic insights, global ventures, and specialized know-how

With decades of experience, we understand the challenges start-ups and founding teams face. We bring expertise to help test assumptions and projections, vet business models, create roadmaps for growth, support fundraising efforts and assist with expansion into new markets.

Nation-Building through Sports

Boosting Tourism through Sports & Entertainment

Prominent sports events and strategic initiatives hold the potential to shift a nation's approach to health & tourism objectives. Yet, the escalating rivalry among countries, sports bodies and regions poses unique challenges. Many advisors lack the depth of experience required in this intricate arena. Collaborating with governments and their respective tourism and sports ministries, we craft holistic strategies to capture global attention.

Deals & Partnerships

Advertising and sponsorship form the backbone of any profitable event strategy

Leveraging our expertise in curating impactful commercial sponsorship programs and negotiating significant rights deals, we lay the groundwork for your event's commercial success.


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